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At Thomas Poteet and Son we only offer merchandise that we use for our own family members. Below are descriptions of types of merchandise that may be chosen.

Burial Caskets

Whether you are preplanning for yourself or choosing for a loved one, a casket selection is a very personal decision and an expression of your feelings. A casket that reflects the personality and taste of your loved one can be your final tribute to their life. Matthews understands these needs and offers a wide variety of caskets that can help you make your decision.

Hardwood Caskets

Hardwood caskets include a variety of species: mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, pecan, poplar, and pine. These caskets are the choice of families who appreciate and cherish the qualities of natural wood. The warmth, beauty and personality it brings to fine furniture ideally suited it for the construction of quality caskets.

Cloth Covered Caskets

Metal Caskets

The Matthews metal casket features a one-piece top, formed from single sheets of naturally non-rusting bronze or copper, rust-resistant stainless steel. The casket offers superior strength and added beauty. The bottom of each metal casket is secured with a continuous seam. In addition, each metal casket is equipped with a one piece, solid rubber gasket.

Metal caskets

Including those made from bronze, copper, stainless steel and steel - are known for their unique finishes. Bronze and copper are among the most durable and beautiful of metals; both are naturally non-rusting. Stainless and carbon steel caskets come in a variety of grades, gauges, styles and finishes.

Bronze & Copper Caskets

Manufactured and tested to be completely resistant to the entrance of air and water, bronze and copper caskets combine lasting protection and beauty.

Many families choose bronze because it is superior to all other casket materials in strength and durability. However, both bronze and copper are completely safe from rust.

Your selection of a bronze or copper casket is a decision in which you can take great pride. You can be sure that you have selected from among the long lasting caskets available.

Steel Caskets

Steel Caskets are protective caskets designed to resist the entrance of air and water. Constructed from carbon steel, they combine lasting protection and striking beauty.

Steel Caskets are measured in gauges, which means the thickness of steel. Caskets gauges include: 20, 18, 16 and stainless steel. The smaller the number, the thicker the metal. Stainless steel offers it own unique protection in the fact that it doesn't rust.

Interior Options

To help you honor your loved one in a unique and personal way, Matthews offers a variety of interior options. Beige, crepe interiors are the standard for many Matthews caskets; however, other colors and fabrics are available. In addition, you can also choose motifs that reflect various lifestyles, interests and service affiliations.


A funeral is one of the most special and intimate occasions a family can share. Whether a ceremony is elaborate or simple, it can be customized to reflect the life of the deceased and to hold special meaning for the family and survivors.

In addition to customizing the interior components of a casket there are other choices that can honor your loved one..

Custom Corners

Create a memorialization experience as individual as the life lived. By adding custom corners or an insert in the lid to your loved one's casket, it's easy to add that special touch. Personalizing a casket with corner styles adds special meaning, whether it's with the "praying hands," "promise of hope" or "token of love" symbolized by the rose. Custom corners can be added to any fine hardwood and metal caskets. There are many inserts to choose from that also exemplify the life of your loved one.

Cremation Containers and Urns

More and more families are opting for cremation instead of burial. And while the reasons are varied and personal, most families still choose traditional funeral services to accompany the cremation.

Like burial, there are important purchasing decisions to consider with cremation. For example, what type of cremation container to choose, what type of urn to purchase or whether to select a Keepsake™ urn as a permanent memorial to your loved one. Because these decisions are often difficult, this section is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make well-informed decisions regarding your cremation container, urn and Keepsake™ urn selections

Cremation caskets and containers are available in a wide variety of styles and prices and can be categorized in four different groups:

  • Traditional Wood Caskets
  • Wood Cremation Caskets
  • Hardboard Caskets
  • Fiberboard Containers

Though each container has its unique features, you will want to consider the type of service that is planned before making any decisions.

For example, when a traditional ceremony has been scheduled, many families prefer the design and ornamentation of a traditional or cremation casket. However, if a memorial service (without the body present) is planned, you may opt for a hardboard or fiberboard container. Alternative containers are also available; however, they offer no interiors and are often constructed of cardboard. These are suitable when no viewing or service has been scheduled.


Deciding what will be done with cremated remains may help you decide what type of urn to select. An urn can serve as an important focal point at a funeral or memorial service. Afterward, it can be buried in a family plot at a cemetery, placed in a niche at a mausoleum, or kept in the home. In addition, there are urn styles that are especially appropriate when scattering is chosen. Though most people find it easier to select an urn at the same time as other funeral or memorial arrangements are made, an urn can also be purchased at a later time. Simply contact your funeral director.

When you choose an urn, you are creating a permanent memorial, one that reflects your loved one's character and your personal taste. That's why you are encouraged to take time to learn about the different materials and designs that are available to you.

Keepsake Urns

Whether they're intended to hold portions of cremated remains or personal items of a loved one, keepsake urns are cherished by many families. Keepsakes allow the family to create a focal point for memorialization in the home, while still keeping with the desire to scatter. In addition, keepsakes are ideal when several family members desire personal memorials.

Burial & Cremation Vaults

Burial Vaults are designed to protect the deceased, casket or urn through the Structural Design of the Vault. The weight of the earth above a grave can exert tremendous pressure. Mechanical equipment, backhoes and delivery trucks can exceed 25,000 pounds as they pass over the grave Burial Vaults are designed to support these tremendous forces from above and protect from environmental elements such as water or insects. Today, there are many different types of burial vaults, from basic concrete to protective lined vaults manufactured with ABS plastic liners, copper and bronze liners. In many cemeteries, there is a requirement of some type of burial vault when interment takes place.