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The goal of Thomas Poteet & Son Funeral Directors is to make the funeral arrangement process easier for you and your family by removing as much stress as possible for the family. Our professional services include the removal of your loved one from the place of death, direction at the arrangement conference, the viewing of your loved one, receiving friends during the visitation and direction of the funeral service itself. Direction of the funeral includes coordination with clergy, musicians and others that may be involved with the service.

We Provide:

Traditional Church or Chapel Service - A traditional service is the removal, dressing, preparation of the loved one, casketing, and funeral service in the chapel or church of your choice. Traditionally, after the service there is a procession to the graveside for burial.

Graveside Service - This is a traditional service without the use of the church or chapel. Friends and family attending the burial will process to or assemble at the graveside. Pallbearers may not be needed.

Forwarding Remains - Your loved one is prepared (embalmed) and forwarded to an out-of-town funeral home.

Receiving of Remains - We receive your loved one's remains from an out-of-town funeral home and arrange for a service of your choice.

Immediate Burial - This is the simple burial of your loved one. There would be no embalming or public viewing. Family members would meet at the cemetery for the burial service only.


With a crematory on location at Thomas Poteet and Son there is no unnecessary moving of your loved one from place to place. Your loved one remains under our supervision at all times.

Traditional Cremation - More people are opting for a traditional cremation. Your loved one is prepared for viewing, placed in a casket and the family normally has a visitation. A service is then held in our chapel or a church. The cremation takes place after the service. The cremains can be buried at a later date.

Cremation Memorial Service - Your loved one is cremated and a memorial service is held in our chapel, at a church or even at the graveside. Normally, there is no viewing of your loved one.

A Direct or Simple Cremation - We remove your loved one from the place of death. After the arrangement conference or as soon as the proper signature(s) are obtained, the cremation takes place, and the cremains are returned to the family.