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Thomas Poteet Funeral Home

Since 1934 the Poteet family has been serving the needs of families in the Augusta area. This tradition of time honored service continues today with Tommy, Buzz & Stephen Poteet, second and third generation family members.

The goal of our family and staff is the same as it has been since 1934, to provide personal service to our families with compassion, honesty and integrity. We are here to assist our families in celebrating the life of a loved one.

A funeral engages our love and grief,
Our fear and faith,
Our humanity and spirituality,
Our family and community.

It articulates the meaning of life and death,
Dreams and memories,
And the mysterious traffic of time and being.

It defines who we are as a people,
As a culture and as humankind.

It bears our wonders,
Our sorrows and our hopes.

It buries and burns our dead with meaning
And returns the living
To their lives without them.
Written by Thomas Lynch. Thomas is a Funeral Director and award-winning Author and Poet from Milford, MI.